Terms and conditions

Shipping policy

- At the time of purchase we reserve 3-5 days to process the shipment of the product.

- The shipping time may depend on the courier making the delivery.

We ship to all European countries (shipping times and costs will be calculated at checkout)

The shipping time is 3-5 days from the time of purchase. The arrival of the product depends on the country of residence.

Returns and exchanges

- Returns and exchanges available only for sealed products complete with all original parts.

- We do not accept products that are incomplete, opened or tampered with.

- At the time of return, the product must be placed in a shipping box to avoid damage.

- Pbshop.ch is not liable for damage and loss in the event of uninsured shipments .

In case you have to send the product back to PBShop contact us through the appropriate page and we will send you all the details for the return.

Terms and conditions of purchase

All products sold on PBShop


- All products on Pbshop.ch are authentic.

- Pbshop.ch offers a guarantee on all products displayed with regard to packaging and shipping.

- Factory defects are not the fault of PBShop.


- Any information relating to the customer, orders and purchases are considered in compliance with the law on privacy, so they will not be disclosed for any reason to third parties or entities.


Pbshop.ch reserves the right to change the prices of the products displayed according to market trends.